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Online Support Groups

Online support groups are an opportunity to come together with other women to heal, grow and learn from one another. The Counseling Clinic offers four online healing groups for women. The online support groups are comprised of 6 to 8 women at a time and take place on a secure and encrypted platform designed for psychotherapy.

Sisters in Step is a weekly, online support group for stepmothers both (married and unmarried) who are struggling in their role as step-parents. Sisters in Step is a safe space, to be honest about the challenges of stepparenting and to receive support from other women at various stages in their step-mothering journey.

Bruised but not broken is a weekly online support group for women with children who have experienced the pain of a recent break-up or divorce.

Sister Circles is a weekly online support group for single childless women who have a desire to attain their personal and professional goals but feel stuck and overwhelmed with daily life challenges and self-doubt.

New mom support group is a weekly online support group for new mothers or first-time moms of children from infancy to 5 years of age.

You’re a private person and the idea of talking to a group of women you have never met may seem intimidating and it may make you feel uneasy. I encourage you to try this experience for yourself and not allow your fear of the unknown to hold you back from unloading your burdens, receiving fresh perspectives, and making connections with other women who can provide support and encouragement to you.

Each session meets for 75 minutes and costs $70 per session. To ensure that you give this experience a fair chance, I ask that you commit to participating in the group for a minimum of 6 weeks.

All group members must also participate in an intake session prior to beginning the group. This intake session will allow me to determine if you are a good fit for the group; this will also allow you the opportunity to ask questions about the group process and address any of your concerns. The cost of the intake session is $85.
If you are interested in participating in a group, please sign up to be contacted when the next group is ready to be formed.