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Supporting Step-mom’s and Families

You met the person of your dreams; someone to build a future with and raise a family. As you got to know them; you listened to stories about their children and thought this person must be “the one” because they are such an awesome parent. You thought you were “good” with children.

You thought to yourself, “I have nieces, nephews and kids of my own, who adore me.” Or you might have thought “I work with kids for a living; How hard can step-parenting be?” So you did it! you blended families and then things got complicated. You slowly began to realize that you and your partner have two completely different parenting styles; and the arguments about “your way” vs. “their way” began to creep in.

You tried to talk to your partner, only to be met with defensiveness. You tried to talk to your close friends and family; who have given great advice in the past, and to your surprise you were told “You knew the situation, what’s the problem?” You were told, “Just love them like your own.” You begin to think, “Maybe I’m overreacting?” “Maybe my standards for running a household are too high?” You begin to feel undermined by your partner about how to parent your stepchildren; because nothing you try seems to be the right answer.

You feel yourself withdrawing out of hurt and confusion; And then you think “Maybe I am an evil stepmother/stepdad, how did this happen, I’m a good person, right?”

If this feels familiar to you, please call for a free 15 minute consultation; so we can work toward helping you and your family find the peace you all deserve.