Motherhood Support

Love is at the heart of why you transitioned from childlessness into motherhood. Motherhood has changed you both in ways you anticipated as well as in ways you did not expect. Going from carefree to caregiver is a transition that takes time and patience with yourself. You might struggle with prioritizing your needs with the needs of the children. You may feel like in order to be “a good mom” you have to sacrifice all of you, put your dreams on hold, and be an endless well of support and encouragement. You worry and wonder “Am I a good mom?” Everyone’s experience of motherhood has its highs and lows and yours is no different. I can help ease the transition for these types of motherhood experiences. 

Support for New Moms 

You’re a new mom with a little one under the age of 5. When you found out you were pregnant you were excited but maybe a little scared as well. You wondered what type of mom you’d be.  You wondered how you would juggle it all, work, school and your personal life. 

You wake up early and go to bed late. You wonder “how did my mom do this?” You feel like you could sleep all day and night and would give anything just to have a nap. This is your first child and everyone keeps oversharing with you about their pregnancy experience or offering you unsolicited advice about the “best” way to raise a child.

You have some anxiety and concerns about this new chapter in your life and how it will impact your relationships, your dreams and your goals. You love your child but feel guilty about wanting some adult conversation and alone time; Or maybe you feel embarrassed when your child has a tantrum in public. Sometimes motherhood feels so hard, much harder than you thought. 

Whether you’re still on maternity leave, transitioning back to work or battling the ups of downs of postpartum life you’re not alone. You just need someone who will listen free of “shoulds” and judgement as well as provide support and tools to help you feel more grounded. I can help you along your early motherhood journey. 

Single Motherhood

You didn’t anticipate just how hard raising a child on your own would be. You may have been in a relationship you thought would last forever. You thought you found a partner who would love you, have your back and be supportive. You thought you found someone who wanted to become a family.

Due to unexpected life circumstances you found yourself navigating single motherhood. You might still feel upset, and disappointed by the experience you’ve had while coparenting. You often feel misunderstood and unsupported by your former partner. Maybe you experienced a painful breakup, divorce or the loss of grief as a widow. 

Maybe your co parenting situation is not ideal and your former partner is not willing to work as a team. Whichever your situation I can help support you on your single parenting journey. 

Support for Stepmoms 

You met a partner who you found a deep connection with. They were up front with you about the fact that they had children. You were excited and full of hope and optimism about meeting their children and you imagined that the excitement the two of you shared would have been contagious and that everyone else would be as happy as the two of you were. 

You were taken aback by all the complexities that come with dating or being in a relationship with a person who already has children. You may have considered yourself to be someone who is “good with kids” but you find yourself feeling disrespected and under appreciated by your partner’s children. You try to get on their good side but it feels like the only thing that will make them happy is if you walked away from your relationship with their father or mother. 

You feel like the ex hates you and you can’t understand why. You try to get along with everyone and try to be understanding but you’re starting to lose yourself in this role as a stepmother. You feel like a stranger in your own home and struggle with feelings of anger, confusion, jealousy and resentment.

You feel like you can’t talk to your friends, family or partner because no one seems to understand how hard it is to be a stepparent.  I can help support you through any of these motherhood experiences.  Schedule your free 30 minute phone consultation today.