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5 ways to cultivate an attitude of gratitude

  November often commemorates the beginning of the Holiday season. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, there is often pressure to put on large parties and attend special events related to expressing gratitude for what we have. Unfortunately for many individuals, families, and stepfamilies the holidays often mark the beginning of a stressful time. Not […]

6 red flags of a potentially abusive relationship.

October is the month of domestic violence awareness. October also marks a time of the year to acknowledge things that being about fear; with the celebration of Halloween. In honor of both of these observances, Domestic violence is an essential topic of discussion for all types of relationships. People have many opinions and myths about […]

Stepmom: Here are 5 reasons you’re riding the struggle bus and how to improve the struggle.

Many people have outdated myths about stepfamilies and stepmoms. Many people have the mistaken belief that if you decide to enter into a relationship with someone who has children; that you are also agreeing to take on the role of your stepkid’s biological mom. Many believe that it is their “job” to become the second […]