Hi, I’m Shelly Ware, the founder, and owner of The Counseling Clinic.

As a little girl I was brave and silly as most of us start out. I grew up in a Step-family household where I was the youngest and only girl.  But as I grew older into my adolescence and young adulthood I lost some of my confidence and struggled to find my path to accepting myself.

Growing up I always felt different from others and didn’t realize I was an introvert until I was in my late 20’s. That discovery was a huge shift for me when I learned that there was a name for the way I experienced the world.

Because of my struggles with self acceptance and my experiences with colorism in my adolescence and 20’s; I sought out therapy in my young adulthood. My first experience with therapy was terrible but my second experience was life changing and impactful.

As helpful as my second therapy experience was, there were still limitations due to cultural differences between my therapist and I. There were certain things she just could not understand. I realized there were very few black therapists for black people, black women and other women of color to reach out to regarding their unique experiences.

My Passion

I wanted to change that. So I went back to college and studied to become a therapist and then I changed careers. I wanted to show up and provide a safe space for black people and other people of color.

As I navigated the dating world I realized I wasn’t really taught much about how to date, and how to properly vet men. This is where my niche for working with single women was born. As I learned more about partnership, and womanhood I wanted to pass that information on to other women in the dating and discovery phase of their lives.

I have witnessed so many women undervalue themselves and feel as though they have to accept the unacceptable when it comes to relationships. I’m passionate about helping women explore and establish healthy boundaries and greater self-love.

Later in life, I didn’t anticipate the types of challenges I would face when I became a stepmom and later through my experience with postpartum anxiety; after having my first biological child. I enjoy celebrating womanhood and motherhood in all of its forms including traditional motherhood, stepmotherhood, single motherhood, and adoptive motherhood.

My Goals

I know from personal experience that the stages of development and milestones in a woman’s life can either improve or shake her confidence and perception of herself. I want to provide support to women at various stages in their journey from learning self-love to dating and partnering.

I love helping people reach their fullest potential and helping them make the best of their life circumstances. Join the movement and schedule a free 30 minute session today by clicking the link below.

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