Welcome and Nice to Meet you!

Thank you for stopping by, I'm happy to have you here. I know seeking out help can feel hard so let me help put your mind at ease by introducing myself. I'm Shelly and I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Coach and Educator. I have a passion for helping women during key milestones in their lives such as Dating , Motherhood, Stepmotherhood and striving for a life/work balance. I help women on their level up journey and help them empower themselves by encouraging self-love, healthy communication, mental wellness, sisterhood and community. I have personal as well as professional experience pertaining to each womanhood milestone that I serve. I "get you" and your story. I know when seeking out help it's natural to be a little curious about the person in the helping role. So if you're curious want to know more about my story check it out.