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Welcome and Nice to Meet you!

Thank you for stopping by, I’m happy to have you here. I know seeking out help can feel hard so let me help put your mind at ease by introducing myself. I’m Shelly and I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Coach and Educator. I have a passion for helping women during key milestones in their lives such as Dating , Motherhood, Stepmotherhood and striving for a life/work balance. I help women on their level up journey and help them empower themselves by encouraging self-love, healthy communication, mental wellness, sisterhood and community. I have personal as well as professional experience pertaining to each womanhood milestone that I serve. I “get you” and your story. I know when seeking out help it’s natural to be a little curious about the person in the helping role. So if you’re curious want to know more about my story check it out.

How May I Help You?

I Help Women on their level up journey in Dating, Motherhood and in Life.


I emphasize self-love, healthy dating choices and wholeness not just finding or “keeping a man.”


Living the life of a stepmom might cause you not recognize yourself at times.


Sometimes in life, we go through experiences that change our relationship with ourselves and those we care for.

Happy Clients

“Shelly listened attentively and provided high quality care given the circumstance. While she offered some practical suggestions for consideration, I most appreciated her quick, keen analysis of my situation and the empathy that followed. She gave me words that accurately described my struggles, and being able to identify the what and why was such a huge relief for me. Aside from her expertise and professionalism, Shelly is both warm and energetic, which made me feel extremely comfortable opening up to her for the first time over the phone — I felt like I was talking to an extremely knowledgeable and insightful friend! If it weren’t for logistical limitations, I would have moved forward with working with Shelly. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of support especially for blended families.”

– F.W.

“I reached out to Shelly during a moment of panic, looking for more individualized support around integrating into my partner’s home with his 5 year old son. Shelly was not only very generous with her time, she was personable and gave a ton of great suggestions for how to deal with a very complex situation. I felt instantly comfortable with Shelly and like I was talking to a family member who was genuinely interested in supporting me from a non judgmental place. I highly recommend her support around step family challenges. She took my concerns to heart and gave me some helpful tools and perspective on how to hold a challenging situation. Thanks for your help Shelly!”

– M.H.

“My therapy experience with Shelly was calming. I feel like my brain has been running without a final destination for so long. Talking with Shelly about my family dynamic and my personal experiences really gave me the space to stop, breathe, and talk through what has caused the frequent ruminations. She reminded me that I have the tools and techniques to help improve my responses to what is thrown my way. It allowed me to take accountability for my thoughts, which affected my actions. Best of all, she got me! Through her life experiences, educational background, and clinical practice, she understood exactly where I was coming from without judgment. It has been a while since I felt understood.”

– AG

Work With Me

I love helping people reach their fullest potential and helping them make the best of their life circumstances. Join the movement and schedule a free 30 minute session today by clicking the link below.

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