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Expert Telehealth Therapy

We get it! Connecting with a therapist can be a difficult feat but finding the right fit can truly transform your life. During our initial matching consultation, we take the time to understand your specific needs and unique goals. This makes the therapist pairing simple and effective!.

Culturally Competent Counseling

Our practice places a strong focus on delivering culturally competent counseling to BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of color). The Counseling Clinic is a safe space where no part of your past, present, or future is off-limits to discuss with our professionals.


Mental Health

Reach out today! Our professional team specializes in Grief & Loss (Death/Bereavement, Breakups/Divorce), Trauma, Parenting Issues (Stepparenting/Coparenting/Single Parents), and Women’s Issues (Maternal Mental Health, Infertility, etc.)


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what client says

“Shelly listened attentively and provided high quality care given the circumstance. While she offered some practical suggestions for consideration, I most appreciated her quick, keen analysis of my situation and the empathy that followed. She gave me words that accurately described my struggles, and being able to identify the what and why was such a huge relief for me. Aside from her expertise and professionalism, Shelly is both warm and energetic, which made me feel extremely comfortable opening up to her for the first time over the phone — I felt like I was talking to an extremely knowledgeable and insightful friend! If it weren’t for logistical limitations, I would have moved forward with working with Shelly. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of support especially for blended families.”

– F.W.

“I reached out to Shelly during a moment of panic, looking for more individualized support around integrating into my partner’s home with his 5 year old son. Shelly was not only very generous with her time, she was personable and gave a ton of great suggestions for how to deal with a very complex situation. I felt instantly comfortable with Shelly and like I was talking to a family member who was genuinely interested in supporting me from a non judgmental place. I highly recommend her support around step family challenges. She took my concerns to heart and gave me some helpful tools and perspective on how to hold a challenging situation. Thanks for your help Shelly!”

– M.H.

“My therapy experience with Shelly was calming. I feel like my brain has been running without a final destination for so long. Talking with Shelly about my family dynamic and my personal experiences really gave me the space to stop, breathe, and talk through what has caused the frequent ruminations. She reminded me that I have the tools and techniques to help improve my responses to what is thrown my way. It allowed me to take accountability for my thoughts, which affected my actions. Best of all, she got me! Through her life experiences, educational background, and clinical practice, she understood exactly where I was coming from without judgment. It has been a while since I felt understood.”

– AG

“The session gave me helpful tools and perspective. It was great!”


“Shelly was super helpful. Her ability to have meetings via computer instead of in person was great!”


“Shelly is helpful in suggesting positive coping techniques to improve my condition.”


“Always good to express your thoughts and feelings to a neutral party that can produce constructive feedback.”


“Therapy has been helpful because it has allowed me to work through issues I tend to glaze over and not really think about. I’ve found the more we work through the way I speak to myself and the language I use to describe my life and my wants and needs, I’m able to recognize now when I speak other people’s words instead of my own. I’ve found that more often than not every negative thought I’ve had and said or even believed about myself has come from someone else. I’ve learned to listen better to my immediate wants and needs and prioritize better. I want to speak kind words to my younger self and be the protection I’ve always wanted.”


“My therapy experience has been great, I’ve needed to level set my thoughts, feelings and emotions and Shelly has been a great source to help me facilitate all of those needs. I’m so glad to have found a qualified professional who is assisting me with my mental health.”